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Scatter Plot

A scatter plot shows the scores of the objects of one variable plotted against the scores of another variable. As an example, the relationship of the chest circumference and the body density of approx. 250 men can be displayed using a scatter plot:

Scatter plots give you a quick overview of the relationship between variables. If there are more than two variables to be displayed, this may be done in the following way:

The scatter plots are arranged in a square grid; each cell of the grid contains the scatter plot of the two corresponding variables. The diagonal of the grid can be used to display additional univariate information on the corresponding variable. In most implementations the diagonal shows the point plots of the variable to get an impression of the distribution of the data.

The scatter plots may also be displayed by successively stepping through all possible combinations. The following  interactive example  shows a data matrix with four variables; two of them being independent of each other, all other variables exhibiting some kind of relationship.

You may use  DataLab  to create any kind of scatter plots (use the plot option "Col/Col" and select the variables to be displayed by using the eye dropper buttons in the plot windows).